Introducing the Wiibrator, or, how to diddle yourself with a Wiimote

If I find I have, ahem, “needs”, I can honestly say that the last thing I consider doing is satisfying them with a Wiimote, but you know, different strokes for different folks. It seems some folks at Bauhaus University Weimar are working on this project — you can see their website here, which is nothing more than a handful of photos and the phrase “We search man and woman for a commercial.” Translation: volunteers to use this thing ON FILM.

So, after videos, webcomics and Photoshops of girls licking the Wiimote and making suggestive gestures, you finally have the real deal. I hope you’re happy. The creators told Slashdong that more information about their little project will be available next week, so perhaps soon we’ll see these in action, which I will likely NOT be allowed to post here. I can’t help but think that Miyamoto would be appalled. Of course, he’s Japanese, so now that I think about it, he’d probably be into it.

[Via Gizmodo — Thanks TehuberOne!]

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