Inti Creates CEO expresses interest in helming a Zelda II Remake

Um, yes

We all have dream games or dream remakes that we’d like to see happen. Some folks have the ability to make those dreams become reality. And some people are (okay one person is) Takuya Aizu, CEO of Inti Creates — a company that’s tackled several big name resurrections like Blaster Master, and Castlevania/Mega Man adjacent properties like Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon and Mighty Gunvolt.

Speaking to Nintendo Force, Aizu explained that he if he could make a game in any Nintendo franchise with an unlimited budget, he’d “love to make a new The Adventure of Link for the modern era.” Note that Adventure of Link is in fact Zelda II, one of the most polarizing entries in the series. Anyone who thinks it’s less than a masterpiece is crazy though, as it’s still one of the best Zelda games around 31 years later.

Inti Creates is a fantastic developer and Nintendo should hook up with them at some point. Both are going to be around for a long while and Zelda is pretty much always relevant.

Takuya Aizu [Nintendo Force via Zelda II]

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