Interview with Midway’s massive music team for Stranglehold

A massive undertaking like Midway’s upcoming action game Stranglehold needed an equally massive score. The John Woo directed game continues to follow the story and main character of the 1992 film Hard Boiled, so the musical score and sound had to follow suit, fitting within the John Woo world. A project this big needed a large musical team, so Midway managed to assemble three teams of composers to cover the score.

Music4Games managed to gather and interview the head composers of each of the three teams – Tilman Sillescu and Pierre Langer of Dynamedion (Paraworld, Spellforce), Jamie Christopherson of Soundelux DMG (Lost Planet, Surf’s Up), Cris Velasco and Sascha Dikiciyan (Spyhunter: Nowhere To Run, TMNT) – as well as Midway’s supervising Audio Director Rich Carle. The group talks about how they became involved with the project, what it was like to score a John Woo game movie sequel, and what kind of sound we can expect from the title.

Tilman Sillescu: We were asked to contribute to this year’s symphonic game music concert at the Games Convention with the Tequila theme of Stranglehold. We did a special version of the theme for this concert with a dedicated piano part. The concert will be in August as the opening for the convention in one of the most renowned concert halls of Europe, the “Gewandhaus zu Leipzig.” This will also include a feature from the singer “Talia.”  She did a great performance on the vocals of the main theme.

Rich Carle says that their combined work equals about 4 hours of music and cues for Stranglehold, and this very interesting interview gives some insight into how that all came together. Head over to Music4Games to check it out.

[Via M4G]

Dale North