Interstellar Marines shows you why you should sign up

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Interstellar Marines, the indie AAA shooter by Zero Point Software, has been in development for a long time now. But they want you to keep the faith and support them in realizing their dream of creating a AAA indie game without a corporate publisher to tell them otherwise!

The good Reverend Anthony had a minor quibble about the space marine thing a year ago. But as long as the game is good and the shooting mechanics are solid, I couldn’t care less whether you are a space marine, a scientist with a gun or some amnesiac special forces person. And from the looks of it, the shooting and aiming mechanics are still as tight as that one girl from You Got Served.

If you sign up on the website, you can play some of the prototype preview games like Running Man or Bullseye right now. There’s also a system in place for supporting the development with as little as $5, which gives you access to the beta stage, the full first game or the full trilogy of games, depending on how much you support and when the games will be released.

You need the Unity Web Player to play, but it doesn’t make you restart your browser so don’t worry about that. 67,000 people already signed up, so give it a look. While the game is made for PC and Mac at the moment, ZPS does want to release Xbox 360 and PS3 versions eventually. That is, you know, if you support the thing.

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