Internet tough guy too poor to afford $2 Mega Man DLC, causes sh*tstorm

“Dual” is a man. A man with a vision for the future. A future in which Capcom is made to pay for its evil corporate shenanigans. A future in which pointing out that a Capcom representative is Hispanic will aid one’s fight for justice. A future where $2 DLC is made freely available so that men might feed their families and children no longer have to become prostitutes just for one night indoors from the cold.

Yup, it’s time for our first corporate sh*tstorm of the week, as a kid gets into a flame war on Capcom’s forums over the DLC set to appear in Mega Man 9. He was so outraged by what a Capcom representative said in defense of the content that he decided to personally attack him and then get the word spread via emails to various sites, including Destructoid. The message we got was was prefaced with the threat: “Don’t you dare let something as offensive as this go uncovered.”

Who are we to deny such requests? So, “Dual” decided to be a jerk online and thinks that he will be an Internet hero for insulting a man who’s doing his job. Not really much on its own, but things get even more fun when Dual presents an alleged private message from the rep to himself, which could be taken a veiled threat. We wouldn’t normally cover something like this, but it’s a damn funny one … in that slightly depressing way.

You better set your faces to palm, because it only gets more ridiculous when this story continues after the jump.

Because everybody likes to rubberneck a good bit of absurdly inflammatory trolling, here is the Internet heroism that was sent to us, recorded for posterity before Capcom wiped the thread. As you can see, he presents his points in a clear and dignified manner, a way that presents his reasoned debate with logic and common sense presented at the forefront of the argument.
The italics come from the villainous Capcom spokesman. The rest of it is our hero’s inspiring response. It is all his formatting:
DLC takes a lot of resources, and is not cheap. We could’ve easily priced the game at $20 dollars with all the DLC and it still would sell really well.”

You’re completely full of crap and you know it, this is one of the most disgustingly corporate responses I have ever seen to a fan complaint. Compared to the dozens and dozens of other games that clearly have higher production values and are available on digital distribution services, you expect this game to have sold well at twice the average price?

The DLC is soooo hard core and fan service that casual fans wouldn’t really understand. I mean, who’s Proto Man right?

Gee, I don’t know, who’s Proto Man? Certainly not one of the most recognizable characters in the entire series. So hardcore? That’s insane. You’re absolutely full of it. How long have you been playing Mega Man, you corporate tool? Not only is “hardcore” just some asinine industry term you people use for anyone who isn’t “casual,” but even casual Mega Man fans know who Proto Man is, he’s been in practically every classic series installment since MM3, including spin-offs.

Bottom line is that it doesn’t make financial sense to offer all that content for $9.99.

Yes, because your other games on your digital distribution services with multiple difficulty levels and things like online co-op were certainly cheaper to produce. This is ridiculous, these things were obviously planned in development and then cut off from the full game to be turned around and sold in chunks, exploiting the masses of dedicated fans who have been waiting for this for years. The only reason you didn’t pull DLC with the other games is because you knew the fanbases for those weren’t as strong or as dedicated as they are for Mega Man 9.

It makes perfect financial sense to give us the full game, you just know you can exploit fans so you are. If we wouldn’t buy it, you wouldn’t do it, but you know quite well there are enough of us out here who don’t realize how utterly despicable and exploitative that this is who are just going to guzzle it down. This is why PC games rarely have downloadable content. PC gamers are smart enough to boycott being penny-pinched. Console owners are, for the most part, a hell of a lot more stupid and don’t believe they can do anything by refusing to purchase.

That’s just it. You don”t have to purchase the content. It’s a choice we’re giving you and the base package is, by NO means, incomplete.

How is it NOT incomplete? These game modes were finished before the product was shipped. I bet anything Inti Creates was interested in giving fans a few fun, optional additions to mess around with once they beat the game and some laid-back, corporate big-wig suggested to omit them from the game and market them individually at 80% of the game’s original price (for FAR less than getting 80% more content). Inti Creates has a history of adding things like extra difficulty modes and minigames to their games, don’t you blatantly lie to me and tell me you guys at Capcom thought you’d do some fanservice and please the “hard core” (it’s one word, learn better English, please) fans by adding these extra modes as DLC when plenty of their games have shipped with them before.

People who don’t think this is good value for $10 come across as spoiled and whiny.

This is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard. Calling your fans spoiled and whiny? Screw off. You know what you come across as? A corporate worm who’s never bothered even playing Mega Man telling the fans what to do. Fans that likely bought Mega Man Powered Up, which shipped with tons of regularly updated free DLC, ridiculous amounts of extra content, graphics that actually had a budget, multiple difficulty modes, and a level creator? It’s so terribly spoiled of me to expect a tradition of quality rather than to expect you guys to penny pinch the loyal fans. Forgive me if I get upset when you betray your previous standards.

No one should’ve expected the game to have additional difficulty modes or extra playable characters.

Why the hell not? Mega Man Powered Up had them. Mega Man ZX had them. Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X had them. Mega Man ZX Advent had them. Mega Man X7 had them. Mega Man X8 had them. Mega Man X: Command Mission had them. Do I need to list more recent titles?

We could have easily held off the content for 2 months but we felt that the fan base would want to play them as soon as possible.

Translation: “We could have held the content off longer, but the hype would have died down and we had to push it as quickly as possible to exploit the nostalgia-high fans while they were still inebriated with their childhood being relived.”

We figure the real fans would finish the game in 2 weeks, max, and would look to play the DLC right away.

Translation: “The game is completed in well under 3 hours the first time, even by novices, and in well under 1 hour, by more skilled players. We knew anyone buying it would quickly forget about the DLC if we didn’t get it out quickly, and we knew we could pretend this was for the “real fans” when it’s really for lining our pockets.”

I think fans are starting to have unreasonably high expectations. I should have expected this.

Hahahaha, are you KIDDING ME? Many of us expected the same quality you’ve given us in past, recent Mega Man games. Oh wait, those didn’t sell well. So our “unreasonably high expectations” are that you meet somewhere in the same universe of equal quality to a game like Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X or Mega Man Powered Up? Both games you won’t give a sequel to, because they didn’t do well enough? Games that were met with high critical reception and lots of fan praise? It’s funny you say you’re trying to please the “hard core” fans, and that you always put your fans first, then you completely ignore making sequels to two of the most positively received Mega Man sequels in years because they didn’t meet your sales expectations and instead push out Mega Man 9, which didn’t even start as Mega Man 9 and was just a side project by Inti Creates.

I think it’s all how you look at it. Inafune-san and Takeshita-san created some pieces of content that has never been done before in the history of their beloved series that was totally for the hardcore.

An extra level and a level that doesn’t end? Wow, that sure is amazing, innovative, and fresh content. Extra difficulties have been in dozens of Mega Man games and so have additional playable characters. This is proof you don’t even play the games.

That’s why we’re here today, because of the loyalty we have with our fan base.

Nice job alienating it with exploitation. You have given one of the most by-the-book (and poorly worded, seriously, what’s with your grammar? Is English even your first language? I’m completely serious here) and disgusting corporate responses I have ever seen and actually made me sick to my stomach to be such a dedicated fan of this company who has bought dozens of their games over their life. I hope you have some shame in what you’ve done, some remorse that you’ve actually tried to guilt-trip lifelong fans into feeling like they’re just “whiny” or “spoiled” and pretending you always put fans first, but you probably don’t. Funny you didn’t tell us we were spoiled when you were suffering from poor sales from things like Product Number 03, Mega Man X7, and Auto Modellista, but now that you’ve found a way to be financially successful without spending as big a budget you act high and mighty that we’re complaining about having been dedicated for years yet having our wallets pumped.

I’m going to be spreading your BS responses around and letting other people know that this is apparently what Capcom really thinks. I’ve already spread some of the sentiments around to multiple people I know on messenger, and I”m really going to be getting the word out on this by posting it on multiple forums. I’m sick of the corporate responses on this board with condescending attitudes for those who don’t support, I’m sick of people who complain in sections like Ask Capcom being CENSORED or even having their posts deleted/locked, and I’m sick of staying quiet about. If this gets deleted or locked, you’ve succeeded in alienating another fan. You can shut us up on your private site but this is only going to make us furious everywhere else.

So, how many of you are FURIOUS after hearing the words of this man? I bet you all are. With so much of the fury. Well, you’re about get even more ENRAGED when you find out that the Capcom rep definitely threatened to kill our intrepid freedom fighter. Probably. In an alleged PM from the Evil Capcom Corporate Whore, Dual was called out for being tough on the keyboard, and was offered a private meeting to discuss their views in a more “civilized” manner. 
He totally just threatened to cut him up, which I assume is what Dual believes all Hispanic people do. 
I dislike excessive DLC as much as the next guy, and think that paying for a difficulty level is somewhat asinine. You know what that means? I’m not going to pay for a difficulty level. A lot of the downloadable content that comes out these days is stupid and I’m definitely not backing Capcom up on that portion of the argument.  That said, trying to organize some mass protest over something so small, especially having turned it into a personal war on one Capcom employee, is pretty stupid. Posting pictures of the employee in question, poking fun at his race and generally acting like a fuckwit is pretty pathetic behavior as well. 
If this is how publishers see the hardcore gaming community, maybe it’s not surprising they’re after a fresh audience. 

James Stephanie Sterling