Internet Matlockery: Gears of War 2 at GDC?

The Team Xbox boys are putting on their Internet detective hats and are suggesting that Epic is going to be announcing Gears of War 2 at this year’s Games Developers Conference. The GDC can be a good source of pre-E3 fanboy material, and with both Microsoft and Epic Games taking up the biggest showfloor spaces for the 2008 show, you have to believe something impressive is going down.

Gears of War 2 has recently appeared — and seems to have disappeared — as a listing on, while we already talked about a prequel book, The Pendulum Wars, which is due to hit shelves in August. Could the recent resurgence in Gears talk be paving the way for a sequel? When asked about this, Epic’s head Mark Rein merely mentioned showing off his company’s game engine and little more. It’s not like we don’t know it’s coming, so here’s hoping that Epic has some huge news to justify its huge space.

Either that, or they need it to erect a giant wrestling ring so Cliffy B and Dennis Dyack can beat the everloving crap out of eath other with steel chairs.

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