Internet Matlock discovers possible new DLC Plasmids in BioShock PC files

The Internet Matlocks are at it again, this time digging around the files for the PC version of 2K Boston’s BioShock (maybe you’ve heard of it). The discovery? References to “new” Plasmids and downloadable content.

Found in the “manual.ini” file, the “Downloadable content anouncement” of something called “Plasmid Pack 1” reveals the following message:

Having concluded clinical trials on four new Genetic improvements, Ryan Industries is proud to announce the general release of their newest products:

Machine Buster
Vending Expert
Sonic Boom
EVE Saver

Look for them at a Gatherer’s Garden near you!

While it’s unknown whether or not these Plasmids will be part of a free DLC pack or something more sinister (like you having to open up your wallet), it’s obvious that the content is there. But what would be new Plasmids be worth to you? How many Little Sisters would you harvest, and how many American dollars would you spend?

Nick Chester