Intermission: Heartstrings edition

I thought I’d take a minute out of your time waiting for the launch of the Wii and PS3 to tell you a quick little story. I was talking with my dad yesterday about coming home for Thanksgiving and all that, and I mention that I’m going to be waiting for a Wii at launch, and so he should expect to see a $400 or so purchase on the credit card (I have nowhere to cash my paychecks around here, so I have to do it when I go home). He suddenly perks up in the conversation.

Him: “You’re bringing it home, right?”

Me: “Yeah…why, you want to play it?”

Him: “Oh yeah. It has a motion sensitive controller, so you can play things like golf on it, right? I really want to try that out.”

Now, my dad is not a gamer. He’s in the finance department for a large insurance company. He usually plays FreeCell on the computer, and he played games with me once in a blue moon when I was real little. Now, he was honestly interested in playing with the Wii, without any joking suggestions from me. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to bring the Wii with me for Thanksgiving break, due to me only bringing a carry-on, but he’ll get to play with the Wii all during Winter break. Any of you dtoid readers have your parents say something like this?

Anyways, you may now return to your regularly scheduled Destructoid. Or Japanator, too . I know you all want to read it.

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