Intense: Just Cause 2 screens have plenty of action

Ka-boom. Today, Eidos dropped a bunch of screenshots from Just Cause 2, the sequel to — wait for it — Just Cause. As with the previous incarnation, developer Avalanche Studios appears poised to bring all sorts of crazy, explosive action to player’s fingertips this fall.

And destruction is never bad, right? Every game needs bazookas, helicopters, and fire. (Yes, that statement includes Gardening Mama and WiiFit. Especially WiiFit.)

Anyway, Just Cause 2 will take place on another pretty tropical island and will once again star Rico Rodriguez. The little press blurb we received with these screens mentioned “new daredevil stunts” that players will be able to utilize while trying to crumble the “evil dictator” Baby Panay’s control over the paradise.

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