Intel unveils VR challenger league, free limited release for Echo Arena

VR eSports? Okay then.

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Intel, Oculus, and ESL have partnered up to bring us, the people, a bunch of VR and eSports-related goodies. Easily the most interesting aspect is that Echo Arena, a competitive VR title, will be free for a limited time when it launches on the Oculus Rift. The title is essentially that space sports game from Ender’s Game. You know, “the enemy’s gate is down,” that one.

In addition to free stuff, the partnership is bringing a “Grand Slam” of eSports, where teams can compete in multiple tournaments throughout the year to earn a cash bonus of $1M. Probably not as great as Denny’s Grand Slam, but whatever. There’s also a “VR Challenger League” featuring Echo Arena and The Unspoken, the finals of which will be held in Poland next year. As for me, I’m just excited to see people try and be competitive in VR, a growing and sometimes unresponsive technology.

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