Inspector Gadget is getting a party game in 2023

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Go! Gadget, go!

Microids has announced that Inspector Gadget: Mad Time Party will release in 1983… No, wait, I mean September 2023.

Sorry, I’m confused. Inspector Gadget wrapped up its initial television run before I was born, and despite that, I watched a heckuva lot of it in my youth thanks to syndication. It’s had a few revivals and spin-offs since then, but Mad Time Party seems to be based on the original series.

I’d actually be really down with a new game based off Inspector Gadget, but it turns out that Mad Time Party is a party game. I’m a severe introvert. Even the word “party” triggers me in the same way the word “salt” triggers a snail.

Inspector Gadget Mad Time Party
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It might not be a total loss, however. There is a single-player mode that allows you to explore Metro City and complete challenges and quests. The story involves time travel and the eponymous inspector competing against his ancestors for parts of a time machine. They’ve brought in Tanis Chalopin, which is the daughter of Inspector Gadget’s creator, Jean Chalopin, to do the soundtrack. That means they’ll at least have some respect for the property.

It’s not… inspiring much faith. Also, it’s going to cost $39.99 USD, which seems like a lot. It’s setting off my morbid curiosity, at least.

Inspector Gadget: Mad Time Party is coming PC, PS4, PS5, and Switch sometime in September 2023.

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