Insomniac’s recruiting videos amuse, I turn in my two weeks

Apparently, Insomniac Games is a great place to work. They’ve won “Best Place to Work On The Planet” awards for like, what? Eight years in a row now?

So when word got out that they’d be recruiting talent at this year’s GDC, I’m sure there was a stampede towards their booth in the Career Pavilion. But they decided to make recruiting videos anyhow, and in true Insomniac fashion, they’re both clever and amusing. 

I had a chance to visit their offices before the release of Ratchet and Clank Future; Tools of Destruction, and I can confirm they have a fully-stocked fridge full of drinks. When Ted Price wasn’t looking, I filled my bag with those little bottles of Starbucks Mocha Frappuchino things. If it’s any consolation, security made me dump them out before I got on the plane leaving from Burbank’s Bob Hope Airport*.

Videos after the jump.

* That didn’t happen.


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