Insomniac wants to make a Sunset Overdrive sequel, but it needs a publisher

We all need money, tbh

Insomniac seems like an awfully busy studio. In 2016, it released a new Ratchet & Clank, the GameStop-published Song of the Deep, and three Oculus games. Currently, it’s working on the most high-profile Spider-Man title in at least a decade.

Despite having a lot on its plate over the past few years, Insomniac would be happy to revisit one of its most beloved titles. There’s a catch, though. Insomniac needs someone to fund it.

Responding to a fan on Twitter, Insomniac says that it’d “love to” make a Sunset Overdrive sequel, but that the studio “need(s) to find a publisher.” This is purely conjecture, but that statement makes it sound as if Microsoft doesn’t hold any sort of publishing rights for a second game.

However, (and again, this is just armchair analysis) the fact that Xbox isn’t jumping to fund another Sunset Overdrive probably speaks to how well the first one sold. It seems that this is the sort of thing that a platform-holder like Microsoft would want in its portfolio of exclusives — especially if a lot of the investment in tech could be carried over from the first project. But, according to this tweet, no one has bit yet.

This isn’t the first time that Insomniac has shown a willingness to make more Sunset Overdrive. Back in February, studio president Ted Price gave an interview that basically amounted to “nothing to report now, but it’s always on our minds.” There technically isn’t any good news yet, but Insomniac appears to really want more Sunset Overdrive. In a way, that in itself is good news.

@insomniacgames [Twitter via Windows Central]

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