Insomniac: Super Mario Galaxy may have borrowed from us

In Kikizo’s recent interview with Insomniac, Marketing Director Ryan Schneider said that he thinks Nintendo’s upcoming Wii title Super Mario Galaxy may have borrowed a concept from an Insomniac game.

One that we’re even extremely flattered by is Super Mario Galaxy, with their spherical worlds; we did spherical worlds in Going Commando, and Up Your Arsenal. It would be amazing to think that Miyamoto-san thought that was so cool that he wanted to incorporate it into Mario Galaxy. Granted, he’s doing it in a different way, but it’s still a spherical world, so it’s flattering to see those sorts of things.

Schneider also brings up another PS2 game that “borrowed” from an Insomniac title, but this time he’s a bit less complimentary, and he doesn’t mention the title’s name. He says that this one is  “more or less a direct rip-off of Ratchet and Clank.”

The full interview on Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction covers the development of this PS3 title, the battle against casual games, and R&C’s fancy in-game cutscenes.

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