Insomniac: Resistance 2 and Gears 2, together in perfect harmony

Insomniac CEO Ted Price might work solely with Sony hardware, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a fan of the Xbox 360. Owning both a 360 and a PlayStation 3, Price is looking forward to the release date of Gears of War 2, even if it does fall on the same day as his own game, Resistance 2.

When asked for his thoughts about the two huge exclusive games hitting their respective consoles on the same day, Price offered his own solution as to what you should buy — both of them:

Ultimately, as a PS3 owner and an Xbox 360 owner myself, those are two games I would get. I want to have the most entertaining experiences on both consoles, so I am going to get the games that have the best feedback. So far, Gears has had fantastic feedback, and I think it looks beautiful. Resistance will make a lot of PS3 owners happy too.

That’s pretty classy. I like it when developers are nice about other games, even if they appear on “rival” consoles. That deserves more respect than certain developers who will remain nameless — Itagaki — dumping on every game that isn’t one of his. 

But for some of us in this biting recession, there can be only one. What’s looking hotter to you? Gears or Resistance? None of the above? Or are you wealthy enough to snag them both?

James Stephanie Sterling