Insomniac confirms that Spider-Man’s E3 trailer was all in-game PS4 footage

Current PS4 at that

Insomniac Games wowed at Sony’s E3 press conference with a surprise unveiling of a new Spider-Man game. Watching Spidey climb and swing all around New York City was simply, please pardon the pun, marvelous. Insomniac recently revealed a tidbit about the reveal trailer that should have people extra excited.

Responding to a fan on Twitter, Insomniac confirmed that the trailer was made up of in-game, in-engine, real-time footage. The cinematics and angles may not be the same, but it means that you can expect the game to look similarly impressive. What’s more, Insomniac says that this was captured on a standard PS4, not some developer’s model of the upgraded Neo.

This is just one of the few details that have trickled out about Spider-Man recently. As Chris covered last week, this game doesn’t have any direct connection with the upcoming Spider-Man movie, but rather it’s a new world and new story. Also, Insomniac’s take on Spidey is an older and more experienced hero, so don’t expect any kind of origin story.

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