Insomniac CEO talks multiplatform, but still loves Sony

Insomniac CEO Ted Price enjoys his close relationship with Sony quite a bit, but also sees the benefits of allowing titles to go multiplatform. In an interview with Gamasutra, Price admitted that he could “see the other side” of exclusivity and the profits that big games make by being playable on other platforms.

From the interview:

But, then again, we see the other side too. We see games that are multiplatform succeeding wildly, and doing great, and that too is a fantastic place to be.

By the end of the interview, it is clear that Price enjoys his piece of the Sony pie. He admitted that without Sony’s help, a game like Resistance wouldn’t have had the amount of success that Insomniac is currently enjoying. He also imparted that Sony allows Insomniac to “develop autonomously,” which goes to the show the confidence that Sony has for the developer.

Personally, I’m all about exclusivity when it means a better game is going to come of it. What do you guys think? Would you like to see a developer in Insomniac’s position toss out games for the Xbox 360?

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