Inside The Game: The Watts Brothers

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“If I could look at Zelda and tell her one thing in the face, then I would tell her… I love you… I love you.”Many NES fans don’t know about these 25 year olds who are single handedly responsible for every bit and byte of NES game music that ever graced our ears. From Q-Bert to Elevator Action, these precocious percussionists made them all, and would have gone on to revolutionize the industry’s future if it weren’t for their alcohol and Tyson-esque women problems back in the early 90s. But that’s all in the past, these two composers are once again on the rise, and swear to grow faster than their beards to get back on the track to gaming fame. In this episode of Inside The Game you can even see a live recording from 6 months ago of one of their tracks for a classic NES game. These guys are the reason God gave us ears. Or is that why the DS gave us ears?

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