Inside developer shares first image of its next game

Space cadet, pull out

Playdead’s up to something. The developer that’s renowned for its mastery of moody and artistic puzzle-platformers is probably making another moody and artistic puzzle-platformer. It’s hard to say, though. Playdead isn’t a studio that likes to say much.

What we have is this single image shared on Twitter:

Playdead calls whatever this is “the next adventure.” It has that Inside aesthetic while looking like a Tom Delonge power fantasy. We all just want to be astronauts.

As the development cycles for Limbo and Inside have made abundantly clear, Playdead takes its time, and the games don’t come out until they’re good and ready. We’ll see more of this when Playdead wants us to, but chances are it’ll be just as mysterious as it is right now.

@Playdead [Twitter]

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