Inside and Limbo will be crushing your soul on Switch later this month


I still remember the first time I played Limbo at a friend’s house. I had been hearing good buzz around it, but I was quite prepared for the utter brutality that the game had. The game is pretty reminiscent of something like the old-school Prince of Persia titles, but it turns up the dread to such a degree that it becomes almost haunting. Limbo is an exceptionally violent game, but one that is utterly captivating because of its overwhelming presence.

You’ll soon be able to share that soul-crushing experience with friends everywhere as both Limbo and Playdead’s follow-up, Inside, are coming to the Switch this month. On June 28, you’ll be able to download them from the eShop and have your nightmares re-ignited as you lay in bed and try to topple these oppressing worlds. I have Limbo on basically everything, but I’ve somehow avoided Inside all this time. Maybe I’ll need to check it out on the toilet just in case I need to shit myself.

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