Insane handmade Mega Man wallpapers dose your desktop with retro

While there was some mixed feedback over the recent announcement of Mega Man 9, the majority of gamers were pretty excited to see the title, not to mention the retro look. We may still have a while to wait until we actually get our grubby little paws on the actual game, however, so what’s to do in the meantime? Replay every Mega Man ever made, perhaps?

Well, here’s a tip for a good start: head over to GamesRadar and check out their insane Mega Man Week, which exclusively features the handmade wallpaper you see above. This is the work of Joshua Hines, a determined fan who hand-ripped most of the sprites to create the retro-gasm that you see above. Uh, Joshua … you’re my new hero.

The full-size wallpapers are available for download at the GamesRadar site (and yes, there is more than one!), so head over there and get to saving. Retro goodies are good, but free retro goodies are ten times better.

[Thanks, Joe]

Colette Bennett