Insane BioShock ‘review commercial’ makes me weak in the knees

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BioShock is the type of game that I wish I could forget I ever played so I could go back and experience it for the first time all over again. This fantastic ad kind of gave me the same feeling — even though it’s basically a commercial showcasing the game’s excellent reviews, the level of detail and atmosphere in it makes it well worth the watch.

I know a game has nailed atmosphere to perfection when I actually find myself thinking about going there as if it was a real place. Silent Hill used to take the cake for me, but I think of Rapture I wish I could spend a day there, despite splicers falling out of the ceiling and Big Daddies stomping about. If this kind of atmospheric immersion is the future of gaming, it could be the best era in gaming we’ve seen yet.

[Thanks to Pancakes McGee!]

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