Infogrames wants to buy the rest of Atari… for some reason

We were already WTFified by the recent announcement that former Sony boss Phil Harrison became the president of Infogrames, and now they follow up with another head scratcher.

Infogrames is already Atari’s majority shareholder, but now they say they want to buy the rest of what they don’t own at the price of $1.68 a share. The business side of Atari has been the suck as of late, but Infogrames seems to have some kind of plan after appointing new CEO David Gardner and president Phil Harrison. 

This is just a proposal now. Atari hasn’t given Infogrames the green light yet, but a special committee is working on a “thorough evaluation of the proposal.” 

What’s the plan here? Are they trying to unite the company before they attempt to turn it all around? Is it going to work?

[Via GamesIndustry

Dale North