Info from the Final Fantasy XV event allegedly leaks (Update: possible release date)


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[Spoilers for the Final Fantasy XV Uncovered event below.]

Drip, drip, drip. Do you hear that? Leaks, baby!

According to multiple sources who have obtained information by way of China (Uncovered is an event taking place all over the world, not just LA today), there will be another Final Fantasy XV demo, and it will be released tonight for free. These reports claim that it will deal with Noctis’ childhood, and will not be playable in the core game. You can watch video evidence of the demo here, and here. There’s also a Chinese ad for the game here.

There’s even some drama going on at NeoGAF right now (a location that prominently features leaks), stemming from a mod named Falk, who allegedly used to work with Square Enix in some capacity (which has been since addressed here for clarity). He’s been deleting spoiler threads and posts, leading to a discussion among members regarding the authenticity of the leaks. The event will take place tonight at 10PM ET, so we’ll know more then.

We have reached out to Square Enix to comment, but given the fanfare and cash put into this event we don’t expect them to answer.

[Update: GameSpot has announced a September 30 release date and has confirmed the demo. The video was taken down shortly after it went up, but here’s a backup.]

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