Infinity Ward doesn’t think Modern Warfare 2 can be beat

Infinity Ward has done an exceptional job of pissing off its fanbase. Whether it’s nixing dedicated servers on PC or charging fifteen dollars for a handful of multiplayer maps, the studio has used Modern Warfare 2 to anger a lot of people. Despite this, however, gamers are bending over and asking for more. Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling believes Modern Warfare 2 is here to stay, with no shooters threatening to take its crown. 

“No. I hope not. I certainly don’t see any signs of it,” says Bowling, when asked if any games could topple IW. “We’ve been number one since launch and this map pack is going to bring even more people to playing MW2 and extend their play time. I don’t see it slipping any time soon.

“… We’ll just focus on providing for our audience who love our brand of game. Whatever comes out of that is just a bonus to that. But I think they’ll always find what we have going on entertaining if they like it.”

There’s no escaping the fact that Modern Warfare 2 has been a phenomenal success, and that any game willing to take it down has a serious challenge on its hands. No wonder Infinity Ward feels like it can get away with charging so much for DLC. 

Bad Company 2 no threat to Modern Warfare online – Infinity Ward [CVG]

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