Infinite Warfare will follow Black Ops III’s movement system

Are they sure this isn’t a Treyarch game?

With Ghosts, Infinity Ward lost its way in the Call of Duty series, a franchise that they helped put back on the map with Modern Warfare. But it looks like they’re taking a page out of Treyarch’s playbook — multiple pages, actually.

In addition to using the Treyarch-born Zombie mode wholesale in Infinite Warfare, they’re also taking Black Ops III‘s “chain-based” movement system. Oh, and the Modern Warfare remake will be tacked-on as a bonus if you spend $80 or more. What’s old is new again.

This Call of Duty, in many ways, is a test for the series. While Activision would never pull the plug so soon if it failed to meet expectations, I can definitely see shuffling around Infinity Ward to other projects, High Moon Studios style.

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Chris Carter
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