Infinite Undiscovery to get worldwide release (!) on September 2nd

I’ve given Square Enix a bit of a ribbing now and then for its constant remakes and whoring of Final Fantasy VII, but when Squeenix does something right, it does something damn right. While other companies (which shall remain nameless) claim it takes months upon months to localize, the house of Final Fantasy has announced that its latest RPG, Infinite Undiscovery, will get a simultaneous release date of September 2nd.

“With the simultaneous release of Infinite Undiscovery, Square Enix is entering an exciting new period of delivering great gaming experiences to our fans all around the world at the same time, creating new global communities,” stated Square Enix. “This is something that we have aimed to do for a long time and we look to continue to deliver worldwide gaming experiences across all platforms well into the future.”

Far be it from me to discourage you from this noble ambition, lads. Infinite Undiscovery may have a ridiculous name, but the collaboration between Squeenix and tri-Ace promises good things for JRPG nuts. Be sure to check the above, newly released trailer as well. This should be a hot one for fans of all things turn-based, and unlike most games in the genre, we can all enjoy it on the same day. Everyone wins!

James Stephanie Sterling