Infinite Space trailer looks like an anime that you play

Dale North brought you some screens yesterday from the upcoming DS RPG Infinite Space, and today a trailer popped up that we thought you might enjoy. While no actual gameplay is shown, you can get a feel for the story and characters by watching it, and it pretty much looks like what I imagine playing an anime would be like.

This seems like a creative RPG, handing you the task of designing and controlling your own spaceship, and also allows you to choose from 150 different crewmembers and 150 different customization options. Also worth noting is that the game is based on an Arthur C. Clarke novel called Childhood’s End. It’s a pretty rich read, and I have to admit my interest wasn’t majorly piqued until I heard that, but I can’t help but wonder if some of those deeper elements will make it into the story. If so, we could have something really good on our hands here.

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