Infinite Line DS asks: do you like Space Opera?

I don’t know what a space opera is exactly, but if it’s anything like a rock opera (Jesus Christ Superstar FTW), then I’m all over it. Infinite Line is a DS game from Sega coming out in Japan in Spring 2009 (no details are firm on a US release date yet).

From the latest Famitsu:

– Large scale space opera RPG.
– Your character does not equip armor and swords to fight, but captains battleships in space instead.
– You collect modules for your ships to freely upgrade and customize your fleet.
– Collect crew members with their own skills and specialities to change the strategy and abilities of your fleet.

This is relevant to my interests. I’ll be watching to see if this one gets a US release (or if I need to get my import on). Check out the Famitsu scans in the gallery for a better look at some of the screens and art. Looks different, to say the least — I always like to see that!

[Via N4G — Thanks Brian]

Colette Bennett