Infernax Deux or Die update brings new character and co-op April 5

infernax deux or die dlc update

It takes two to make the doom come true

[Update: Berzerk Studio has now announced that the Deux or Die update will launch April 5.]

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Awesome news for fans of Berzerk Studios’ violent, old-school adventure Infernax — A brand new update, coming this spring, will add new content to the 8-bit slasher, including an all-new character, and an exciting co-op multiplayer mode. Best of all, the Deux or Die update will be free to all players!

Infernax: Deux or Die will introduce the character of Cervul the Squire, a young, eager, up-and-coming knight who proves more than handy with his dual-headed axe, able to lay waste to the denizens of Hell at close range and at long distances. Cervul is also able to perform useful buffs on himself and his allies, tipping the scales of war a little further in the player’s favor. The lad has a heart of gold, and it remains to be seen whether the horrors of Upel will corrupt him.

One or two players will be able to play through Infernax’s challenging adventure, either in simultaneous two-player co-op or with the ability to tag characters in and out at will. Infernax has been freshly rebalanced for the double-player option, so we can still expect a testing time. Oh, and for those of you who are aware of Infernax’s Super Duper Secret, Contra-style, “Gun Mode” — Yes, the two-player co-op will be made available for that mode too, setting you and a buddy up for some run ‘n’ gun action.

Released just over a year ago, Infernax is a side-scrolling platform RPG that recalls the tough NES adventures of the 1980s, as shifting morals hero Lord Alcedeor battles against a cavalcade of terrifying demons, such as Paimon, Mammon, and Leviathan, along with an army of monsters, ghouls, and other hellspawn. Authentically replicating the aesthetic and challenge of the games of yore, Infernax offers a compelling challenge, brutal action, and a world of grim and gory adventure.

Infernax is available now on PS4, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Deux or Die will launch this spring.

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