inFAMOUS Home space available today

A new PlayStation Home game space is available. At some point today, Sucker Punch Productions’ inFAMOUS will join the list of places Home fanatics can explore. The downloadable area, dubbed “The Abandoned Docks of Empire City,” isn’t just a bar with an inFAMOUS coat of paint slapped on it. From what we understand, the new space will have quite a few interactive features, including the ability to draw a penis on a brick wall with spray paint.

OK, the entire community won’t be able to see your glorious paint creation — only your buddies, but still, a penis on a brick wall. Pretty rad.

In addition to a spray paint sharing, the space will broadcast exclusive media created by Sucker Punch. There’s also mini-game called Reaper Shock, which is described as a “scrolling shooter-type button masher” by the folks over at

Pictures of the space are available in the gallery, so check it out if you’re at work or something. Otherwise, boot up Home and check it out for yourself. It seems like it might be worth the download. Let us know what you think of it.

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