inFamous dev thought Molyneux lied about in-game morality

Videogames that let you enact the apparently stark and discernible difference between good and evil are nothing new. inFamous is one of those games, as was Peter Molyneux’s Fable series. However, when Molyneux claimed that most people wanted to be heroes and didn’t go straight for the dark side, the inFamous team didn’t believe him.

“I thought he was lying,” confesses Sucker Punch President Brian Fleming. This is before he saw a survey which suggests that only 20% of gamers actually want to bat for the evil team, if given a choice.

Despite this, inFamous‘ moral pendulum wants players to swing a little in both directions. Fleming wants to encourage a less stark choice among gamers, claiming that most of them “Blindly steer hard in one direction.” According to Sucker Punch, the game will reward players more if they dabble in morally muddled areas, with a reward system based around dishing out more experience points to good characters that sometimes steer into evil territory rather than characters that remain wholesome throughout. 

I’m not sure how they’ll pull that off and still make sense, but I’m interested to see. While we wait to find out, tell me what your preference is. Good or evil?

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