Industry peeps share their first gaming memories

It has not been a good day for me and news, Dtoid. It seems like every tip I got was old disguised as new, not interesting enough, or the news equivalent of a raccoon’s bunghole. They say when you can’t get it right, do something else. Since I aim is to please, I am going to try to point your attention in a direction that I cannot possibly mutiliate and hope tomorrow I get out of the bed on the right side.

MTV’s Multiplayer blog has posted a really cool piece about gaming memories and asked some of the industry’s favorites to chip in, including everyone from bloggers to presidents of game companies. It’s a great read and can’t help but make you think about what your own memories were of that time. One of my strongest memories is of unearthing the box for the PC game Wishbringer at my uncle’s house and getting really fascinated with the contents. It seemed like magic to me.

What is the first game you remember truly loving? Did you have an experience as a kid that marked you so forcibly that it sticks in your mind now as one of the most important gaming experiences you ever had? More importantly, do you think that game – and that memory – were instrumental in you becoming a gamer?

[Thanks Justin]

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