Industries of Titan lets you build the gloomy cyberpunk city of your dreams

Out now in early access on the Epic Game Store

Depending on what sort of mood you’re in, Industries of Titan could be one to watch – or something to obsessively sink into until your eyes forcibly shut themselves at 3:00 a.m. Brace Yourself Games’ beautifully bleak sci-fi city-builder launched today in early access form on the Epic Games Store.

Here’s a fast-paced five-minute gameplay overview from lead designer Andy Nguyen.

The gloomy aesthetic and lore are really working for me. Playing as a cutthroat CEO vying for control on Saturn’s moon, you’ll “build a city and make as much money as possible by any means necessary.”

That includes bidding on migrant-carrying ships, forcing folks to watch ads at monetization stations, and converting citizens into employees with a conversion capsule – “a relatively harmless procedure.” Body mods enable your workers to carry on without “sleep, rest, or the will to do anything else.”

Beyond city planning, Industries of Titan also has a combat aspect to consider. If and when rebels attack, you can temporarily force your vulnerable city structures underground using a “burrow” mechanic to shield them from harm. Just hearing about that scenario stresses me out. If you’d rather opt out of skirmishes, the game has a Zen mode that disables attackers and lets you “focus on building your city.”

That said, “Combat Simulation is a huge aspect of the final version that we are still working on behind the scenes and won’t yet be enabled when Early Access launches,” according to Nguyen. Future updates include a shipyard and ship-to-ship combat, roads and transportation, weather, air filtration, a research building and tech tree, population health and hospitals, and hunger and farms. Here’s the roadmap.

Industries of Titan is planning a 1.0 release on Steam in 2021, so for now, it’s an Epic exclusive.

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