Indivisible gets its final update next week as developer Lab Zero closes down

Backer content will go unfulfilled

The Indivisible roadmap has come to an abrupt end. This crowdfunded game will cease development without fulfilling all content obligations to backers. That’s because developer Lab Zero is being dissolved.

A month ago, it was revealed that Lab Zero underwent massive layoffs as the studio was unable to pay its employees. Now, there’s one more Indivisible update on Switch before development and the developer shuts down for good. On October 13, Indivisible‘s Switch port will get a patch that adds Razmi’s Challenges, New Game+, and local co-op. That’ll bring the Switch version up to speed with the other platforms.

Here’s the statement that publisher 505 Games released:

These are some Guest Characters that were planned (and crowdfunded) but will never be added: Shantae, Shovel Knight, Annie from Skull Girls, Guacamelee‘s Luchador, the protagonist from Hyper Light Drifter, and Calibretto from Battle Chasers. Even if Lab Zero weren’t shutting down, at least one of these character’s creators has backed out of the cross-promotional agreement after allegations surfaced of Lab Zero head Mike Zaimont’s sexual harassment and toxic behavior.

As for physical stuff, 505 Games has taken over production of Ajna Statues that people who chipped in for the $500 tier were promised. They were originally expected to arrive in January 2018, but better late than never I guess. 505 also says that the Switch’s physical version won’t be produced for North America.

With that, Indivisible‘s story tragically ends early. Sometimes everything about a situation just sucks.

Official 505 Games Statement Regarding Lab Zero Games [Indivisible]

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