Indie Royale unveils its first Alpha Bundle Collection

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I have to say that I’m glad the guys behind both the Humble Bundle and the Indie Royale have started to expand the format of their deals. The Humble Bundle team recently had their Android platform specific deal; now, the Indie Royale team has launched Alpha Collection #1.

What’s different here from previous bundles is that all of the games on offer are still in their alpha stage of development and your cash will be helping fund further development. The bundle includes the town builder/RPG Towns, the first-person action game 3709, and the 2D co-op puzzler Wyv and Keep.

With titles like Minecraft and Double Fine’s Kickstarter project under way, it’s clear that there’s more than one way to both sell and buy videogames than just buying a boxed copy in a store. But are you guys interested in purchasing unfinished games? If so, then there’s six days left to commit your money towards these projects. 

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