Indie Quickie: Vorpal

The indie games movement seems to be growing faster than ever. In 2011, I’ve made it a personal goal to become more aware of what’s going on in that wild frontier and report back what I find. A new project relating to that goal is Indie Quickie, a series of short video reviews intended to sum up whether a game is worth your time in under a minute.

The first game featured in Indie Quickie is Vorpal, a shoot-em-up currently available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Watch the video above to get the rundown.

Your feedback on this new series is appreciated. Let me know how crappy the audio is (it’ll get better) or how how much you hate my face. You could also suggest games for me to check out on PC, console or cave wall. If you are an indie developer and would like to see your game featured on Indie Quickie, send an e-mail to conrad (at) destructoid (dot) com.

Conrad Zimmerman