Indie Megabooth is the place to be at PAX East

Say hi to Holmes and crew when you’re in Boston

Dad By The Sword is a game about YOUR DAD running around in jorts and slaying Anti-Dads with a claymore. Experience a unique First Person Swordplay experience as you try not to get killed by leaping hot dog monsters. Outsmart your enemies, destroy weak points in their armor, and then slice through them in dadly combat.”

If I could make it out to PAX East this year, the Indie Megabooth would be my first destination. Good people, good games. There used to be short lines, but that’s probably no longer the case.

While I like to roll up and let individual booths catch my eye, I don’t fault anyone for coming in with a plan of attack. The Megabooth and Minibooth lineups are out — scan the list here or below.




It’s only now, after otherwise finishing the post, that I realized I failed to use a photo of Hugh Jackman running shirtless on the beach. If we had demerits at Destructoid, that’d surely be one.

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