Indie games site wants your bitcoins

Past me was an idiot

Bitcoins! Those things that blew up in 2012 and made everyone incredibly rich, except for me because I was an idiot who didn’t believe in “that fake money.” Everyone else is buying their spaceyachts made of solid gold and melted down Chippendales, and here I am in my cardboard box.

Anyway, if you’ve still got a bit of a bitcoin left, you can now spend it on the indie game store For developers nothing changes, as the site is making use of Stripe, a service which can exchange bitcoins into dollars. probably explains this new change better than I could:

Today, added the Bitcoin cryptocurrency to the list of payment options for independent developers to sell their games, books, and music.

This new feature is made possible via Stripe, which handles the transaction and guarantees a Bitcoin/Dollar exchange rate for a duration of ten minutes. Developers are not required to make any changes on their side.

So you could buy a solid gold Chippendale-encrusted space yacht, or you could go spend that 0.0010% of a bitcoin on a collection of games designed to let you jack off while playing them. Or one of the many not-sex-based games on there. Your call.

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