Indie game ‘Dyson’ is now ‘Eufloria,’ still looks neat

If you haven’t yet played Dyson, then you can play the free, original version here. I’m told it’s very good, though I can’t speak personally because — despite how simple it looks — I couldn’t figure out what the hell to do after twenty minutes of clumsily dragging the mouse across the screen like an idiot. Other, smarter, more RTS-inclined people seem to really like it, though.

But that’s all background. To differentiate the soon-to-be-released, presumably enhanced commercial version from the free original, developers Rudolf Kremer and Alex May held a name-changin’ contests. The results are in, and the-game-formerly-known-as-Dyson shall heretofore be referred to as Eufloria.

I’m horrendous at picking titles for stuff to begin with, so I wouldn’t presume to praise or complain about the name change. It does make me think of Doctor Horrible, though.

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