Indie game Cut & Paste lets you kill a mummy with the sun

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Turtle Cream’s Cut & Paste is a game I’ve briefly mentioned before. It was a student entry for this year’s Independent Games Festival, and while it did not place (see the tough competition for yourself), it was charming and showed signs of promise.

The team behind the uneasily-categorized game was kind enough to let me know about the full version becoming available as a free download, so I thought I would return the favor. You can grab it here.

I would’ve liked there to be more interactivity — as it stands, you’re essentially just watching a cutely-drawn flipbook animation and getting through puzzles through trial and error — however, as a game you’ll likely play just once, it kind of works given the circumstances.

That tends to be the way these experimental games work, I suppose. If for no other reason, download Cut & Paste to hear the utterly delightful start menu music.

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