Indie cameo fighter extravaganza Blade Strangers arrives on PC, PS4, and Switch in August

August 28

This week Nicalis has confirmed the launch date for the interestingly looking Blade Strangers — August 28. It’ll launch on PC, PS4, and Switch, and will involve various indie crossovers from Cave Story, to Binding of Isaac, to Code of Princess, to Shovel Knight. You may have seen a screen or two in the past few months.

Nicalis also confirmed the game’s modes, which includes: story, arcade, challenge, survival, versus, online, a tutorial/training, and “other features” like leaderboards and customization options. All your favorite fighting game friendly modes that won’t cause your userbase to revolt Street Fighter V style, basically.

They’re still gunning for a $40 release on this, and it’ll be rated T, possibly just because of Umihara Kawase.

Chris Carter
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