Incoming Burnout Paradise demo set for release next week

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Mark your calenders, adrenaline junkies! A demo for Burnout Paradise will be asploding onto the Xbox Marketplace and the PlayStation Network on December 13. In true videogame Web site fashion, this news comes to us by way of a countdown featured on Criterion Games.

I’m thankful that Burnout Paradise doesn’t hit stores until January 22, because it’s already hard enough to pick and choose which games to buy in a season so goddamn full of spectacular titles. CTZ played a little Paradise a few months back and seemed to like it, so hopefully you will too.

However, I’ve been dying for a new arcade racing game ever since Burnout Revenge was released for the Xbox 360. The series has always been the root of my anger towards videogames, while at the exact same time, being just barely enjoyable enough to keep me addicted.

Please tell me I’m not alone in thinking that obtaining every single last gold medal in Burnout Revenge is on par with beating Super Mario Bros. Frustration blindfolded. I must’ve lost 3 years off my lifespan when I attempted to do just that.

[Via 1UP]

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