In this episode of Pregame Discharge: Fallout 76 drops a bomb on what little fans it had left with a paid sub

That’s one way to go about things, sure

While Lyle continues to break the conditioning and unveil the truth about children to the world, here’s what’s been happening in video games this past week:

  • Fallout 76 unveils a new paid subscription service known as Fallout 1st!
  • Okami is coming back!
  • The Last of Us Part II was delayed and much more in today’s episode!

Much like Lyle’s own preconceptions on children, I’m not sure what to think of Fallout 76 anymore. There was a time where I knew Fallout 76 was pretty damn rough, but I had hopes they could potentially swing things around with new content and really make it worth a damn. The setting and timeline of Fallout 76 have so, so much potential to work with in terms of content and stories to tell. Instead, we’ve gotten half-baked modes and now a seemingly last-ditch effort to cash in on what little goodwill and fans they had left that are still playing it.

To nobody’s surprise, Fallout 1st was also absolutely broken upon release. A year ago I was really hoping to go back and eventually enjoy Fallout 76, now I’m honestly dreading it. Even with the promise of “human NPCs” and a new questline. It just feels like anytime they make a step forward with Fallout 76, they also then proceed to fall down a flight of stairs. It’s at a point where I genuinely wonder if sweeping this game under the rug shortly after launch (with server support, bug fixes, and not much else) would have been the better long term approach. Obviously, that would still be terrible, but compared to the on-going train wreck that it currently is, at least people would have soon forgotten about it and moved on.

Discharged question of the week: Do you think Fallout 76 should be put out to pasture? Or do you think it’s still worth attempting to fix and expand upon?

Dan Roemer
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