In the Shadow of Time quest guide: How to find a way through the barricade

One of the few objectives Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t say outright

While Hogwarts Legacy has abundant trackers and breadcrumb trails to tell you where to go, many of the game’s dungeons and puzzles are devoid of that luxury. Here’s how to find a way through the barricade to finish the otherwise straightforward quest In the Shadow of Time.

Speak to Sebastian and enter the tomb

Meet Sebastian in the southwest corner of the game’s world map, and enter the tomb he’s standing right next to.

Hang a right, and keep going down the main path. You’ll enter a large room with an altar near the center. Look for the note on the ground on the lower right hand corner of the altar, and talk to Sebastian. Here, you’ll be expected to “find a way through the barricade.”

To find a way through the barricade, you need to gather up three piles of bones

The note you picked up has the clue: the “key” to the door is the bones of the inhabitants of the tomb. To pick them up, you’ll use Wingardium Leviosa, and move them toward the door in the center of the room. The bones will “set” and will form one third of the key. Rise and repeat twice.

Here are their locations:

  • You’ll find one pile right next to Sebastian, on the altar: grab it and move it to the barricade door next to him
  • Another pile is in the room to the right of the altar: destroy the rubble and open up the grave with Accio, taking the bones within
  • The third pile of bones is in a grave in the main room: pull on the handle with Accio, and move the bones to the door

Once you’ve assembled all three sets of bones, an animation will play, and they’ll slowly form an archway. The door will open, and the quest is nearly finished. If the piles of bones don’t “set,” pick them back up with Wingardium Leviosa and attempt to place them again.

How to solve the find a way through the barricade puzzle

In this puzzle room, you’ll need to open up the various stone doorways to gain access to the piles of bones you need. The code for opening each door lies in the icons on the door.

For the above example, you’ll need to activate the first icon, and the second icon: then the door will open. To enter the code, look up at the structures with fire lighting up the icons: you can use Accio to pull them out. Pull each icon that matches the doorway you want, and repeat the process until you have enough bones.

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What to do if In the Shadow of Time/find a way through the barricade is glitched

I actually had this happen to me! I was gathering up one of the piles of bones and they glitched out; the ability to interact with them went away permanently. This made it impossible to actually gather up all the bones to open the door.

In response, I checked my recent auto-saves (in the settings, load game option), and reloaded a file that had taken place roughly five minutes before. I didn’t lose any significant progress (I restarted right where you talk to Sebastian), and everything worked as normal.

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