In the land of the Rising Sun, slim PSPs sell faster than black market babies

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Square-Enix and their detemination to take over the universe have struck again. Since the launch of the limited slim PSP bundled with Crisis Core on September 13th on Japan, 75,943 units have been sold. Add in the 250,702 units sold after the full launch of the handheld on September 20th, and numbers are looking pretty. Not bad for less than two weeks of sales.

Worldwide sales of the little black handheld are believed to be over 25 million, which is astonishing considering previous to E3 the general consensus seemed to be that the PSP was best used as a handsome paperweight. Seems like the slim might have been the push Sony needed. Now reprice those PS3’s, and we might have a revolution on our hands.

[Via, thanks Donut!]

Update – Per the illustrious Dale North, during his recent trip to Japan for the Tokyo Game Show you couldn’t blink an eye without seeing someone playing their Crisis Core PSP or staring at an advertisement for it. We’re talking one CC PSP for each hand here, people.

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