In San Francisco, stealing your Lost cast members

Believe it or not, Destructoid is back in San Francisco. This time, though, we’re here for a special Capcom event. And, as you know, we love our celebrities more than our video games. Today, when Mr. Haley and I landed in Oakland, we just so happened to spot one of my castmates on Lost, Ethan. You know, that guy we killed cause he was shady as f**k.

As a matter of fact, not only did we run into Ethan, but the dude actually paid for Haley’s bus fare because, well, Haley is a cheap bastard. Why am I talking about all this crap and why are we here in San Fran? Well, we’re about to go see all of Capcom’s upcoming titles for the year, you know, the good stuff. I think you can safely guess all the big titles we’ll see and get our hands on. We can’t talk about any of it until tomorrow, so be on the lookout for it when we can finally dish the dirt.

Robert Summa