In Russia, StarCraft II could have monthly fees.

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In Soviet Russia…

I got nothing. But I do have some details on the Russian release of Blizzard’s highly anticipated game, StarCraft II. It will come in…installments. The Escapist guesses that they’re trying to combat the crazy piracy that goes down in Russia with this release method. Or help with the high cost of the game.

So get this: There’s a roughly $35 (999 rubles) version in a standard DVD case, and there’s a jewel-cased version for about $17. The more expensive one gets the player a year access to’s Russian servers. The cheaper one gets you four months access. After this, players will have to shell out 100 rubles (about $3.50) a month for continued access.

As an alternative, players can upgrade to a complete, unlimited access version for about 30 Euros. Blizzard came up with this method to help players that cannot afford the total cost of the full European version.

Knowing this, thinking about the $100 collector’s edition to be released in the U.S. makes me feel like a bit of an as*hole.

StarCraft II Will Have Monthly Fees, But Only In Russia [Escapist]

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