In P.T., the creature was behind you the whole time thanks to a clever design decision

What an incredible discovery for a wonderful relic

Just recently I poured one out for P.T. (I’ve been pouring a lot of things out these past five years or so, shoutout to the Wii U and soon, the 3DS), so this incredible bit of news coming out this past week is quite serendipitous. Found by game hacker and modder Lance McDonald, who managed to manipulate the camera to discover some clever tricks, it looks like the game’s resident ghost is actually a lot more terrifying than we thought.

Thanks to a brilliant design and a lot of magic, Lisa actually follows you the entire game and is constantly behind you. The best part? As most P.T. players know, you can’t actually find her manually (turning around will cause her to disappear): she finds you. According to McDonald, Lisa “attaches to the player’s back as soon as you get the flashlight.”

Check out the whole process in the video below, where they lock the camera in place to show Lisa following a dummy player. This is pure “nope” material, and the creators really went the extra mile to make a legitimately unsettling horror game that didn’t just rely on jump scares.

Chris Carter
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