In its uncut glory, GTAIV is about as long as a monster RPG

It seems that not a single day goes by without some new GTAIV information finding its way to our inbox, and the latest news from the guys over at videogamer has it that the game will take you about 100 hours to complete — give or take a few bitch slaps that could distract you along the way. That’s according to what  an unnamed Rockstar “spokesperson”  told them during a recent interview:

“If you’re not in a rush and you answer the phone when it rings it’ll take about 100 hours to complete. It’s harder to distinguish between main and side missions – there are loads of both. But there are more main missions than side missions. It’s not as clear cut as it used to be because of the phone.”

Not sure if I’m keen on the idea of answering the phone every couple of minutes (think they included prank calls and telemarketers?), but this isn’t the 1980’s any more, and beepers are so yesterday’s tech. But that’s not the only good news to come down the pipeline, as the European gaming site has word from Take-Two that the game isn’t going to arrive in multiple flavors. Looks like the same uncut version will be found throughout the lands — foreign, as well as domestic. Can I hear an Amen?

With all this supposed gameplay at our disposal on day one, I have to wonder when we’ll even have the time to think about downloadable content, let alone, play any other games that hover around that release date. It’s becoming abundantly clear why EA is in such a hurry to buy out Take-Two. GTAIV is about to take over our lives — if the ratings boards don’t rape it first.

[Thanks, Jonathan!]